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Nice to meet you!

Hi everyone!

Let’s start with welcoming you on this blog. You’ll probably have questions what I will be blogging about. Well let me explain it to you. Shop Online has over more than 400 online stores. Since the internet exist we don’t have to go to the store anymore, we can buy almost everything online, all over the world. Shop Online is a platform where you can find those online stores that ship worldwide. Just search by store, country or item and you will find the suitable online store. Shopping will never be the same!

Nice to meet you!

But what’s the point of this blog? Have you ever wondered if you buy a dress for $ 5,- including shipping costs, if it will arrive? Or if that awesome gadget even works? Well, that’s what I will be blogging about. We will order items from shops that are mentioned on Shop Online and review their shipping time, payment, service and some of their products.

By blogging about these stores we hope we can help you with your online shopping. Keep this blog in mind because you can expect a new review every week and maybe I will review that one product you always wanted to buy but never dared!


Shop Online


p.s. Missing your favorite store on Shop Online? Please tell us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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