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New Year’s Checklist: 4 Tools for Making Your Resolutions Fail-proof

If you’re anything like me, making resolutions is the worst part of the New Year holiday. The parties are fun, the party food is even better, and having some time off work is the best. But when it comes to evaluating the past year and pondering ways to improve upon the next, committing to changes is intimidating!

I can’t think of a single resolution I’ve executed flawlessly (though I’ve conquered some better than others), so this year I’m determined to fill my resolution-tool-belt before embarking on the journey of self improvement. I figure that if I give myself the tools necessary to give my resolutions their best shots I won’t have any excuse to fail! Plus, making a financial commitment – even in the form of small purchases – makes the thought of backing out that much less of an option. So without further adieu, here are four tools to making your resolutions fail-proof.

The Instant Pot For Healthy Eating

Instant Pot

If you didn’t hear about the Instant Pot this holiday season, you’ve been living under a rock. It can be purchased at just about any department store (shown here from Williams-Sonoma, which ships worldwide), and according to the busy moms of the world it’s the ultimate kitchen accessory if you’re into saving time.

But if you ask me, you don’t have to be a mom-on-the-go to gain the benefits of this, because it saves time on any meal for any person or family unit. And that’s essential if you’re trying to make the transition into healthier eating. If you’re one who eats takeout too often or hasn’t mastered the art of the kitchen, an Instant Pot will give you a whole new set of idiot proof options for making well rounded meals in record time.

Exercise Bands for At-Home Workouts

Exercise Band for at home workouts

Let’s be honest. We all want to get fit. And if you are fit, you probably want to be even more fit. For some reason, physical betterment is at the top of everyone’s resolutions list, so having something at home you can use to increase your strength in endless ways creates the perfect escape from any excuse you could possibly think of for missing the gym on busy days, or lazy days, or sick days, or just bad days in general.

We all know about dumbbells and pull-up bars, but if you’re a beginner or need affordable equipment that will give you a million exercise options, those things just won’t cut it. If you’re looking for full body options and a resistance range that will accommodate your growth and improvement, nothing will do you better than a set of quality exercise resistance bands. They’re affordable, adjustable, space-saving, and can accommodate literally hundreds of different exercises right at home.

Storage Bins for Better Organization

Storage bins

If instead of improving your physical health you’re focused on making 2018 a more mentally satisfying year than 2017 was, you might be gravitating toward ways you can organize your space and your life. You can start by just keeping things tidy and put away, but that won’t last long if everything doesn’t have a designated area in your home. This is why it’s so important that if you’re focusing on organizing your space this year you have the tools you need to make that happen.

Amazon has a lot of really great affordable organization solutions, and this set of storage bins is one of the best for a very small amount of money. They can fit just about anywhere, and they’re attractive enough to be set out in the open on shelves (plus they come in a ton of color selections). So if you’re short on closet space, this could be a great option for you.

A Quality Planner to Plan Your Resolutions

Happy Planner

No matter what your resolutions are, they’ll be more solidified in your mind once you’ve committed them to paper. Because failing to plan is planning to fail, saying you’ll exercise, or cook a healthy day’s worth of food, or organize your space won’t happen unless you actually make the effort to plan the time in your schedule to make it happen.

You can always add these things into your phone calendar or a simple, cheap one from the dollar store. And if that works for you and makes you stick with it, more power to you! But some of us need an extra motivation. We need some kind of system that’s nice to look at and inspires us to do better. Something that makes us want to keep track of things.

There are a hundred options and what works for me might not work for you, so have some fun with it and browse the planner section at your local stores and find what speaks to you. One of the most popular options – and for good reason, since they come with a stockpile of extra motivational and organizational tools – is the Happy Planner, which can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond.


But no matter what your resolutions are this year, the power to follow through is in your hands. You’re capable of completing anything you’re truly set on doing, and when you do experience setbacks remember that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Having these tools to help you can set you up for easier success, but the true power to succeed lies in your mindset. May your 2018 be your most motivated year yet.


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