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How To Dazzle During the Holidays When Breaking the Bank Isn’t Your Thing

It’s the holiday season! Christmas and many other holidays are upon us, and so are events, parties, and soirées dedicated to the season, and you want to look fabulous. You want to dazzle the room with your style and charm, but what if you don’t want to break the bank? It’s an intimidating task to dress yourself with your finest, especially when you’re on a budget and have multiple events to attend! But have no fear, because I found a hack for that.

The Little Black Dress

You know that we all need a little black dress in our wardrobes. It’s an absolute necessity to have at least one neutral, flattering, versatile piece that we can turn to for any occasion. It saves us time and effort when it comes to figuring out what to wear for every circumstance, but did you know it’ll save money as well?

Because when you have one base piece that can be morphed and molded to fit a wide variety of types of outfits, you’ll find that your time isn’t the only thing to be spared, but your wallet as well. So as you’re planning your outfits for the holidays, or even if you’re the type to dress on the run, consider a base piece little black dress so that outfits are already made, and you don’t break the bank.

Here’s How…

When you have a simple, yet flattering, base piece for all your holiday outfits, you can choose other coordinating pieces that will dress the piece up, down, glam, and casual. When your base is simple, you can use accessories and other features to dupe your friends and family into never even realizing you’re re-wearing the same piece over and over.

rouched black dress

You can choose a little black dress that’s comfortable and flattering for every figure, like this rouched black dress from Express. It can be made to look swanky for fancy occasions, and its casual side can be embraced for a simple family gathering.

For the Office Party

black pumps

Because your little black dress can be transformed for any need, it’s the best choice for your office party. It’s understated enough to allow your wit to do the talking, yet can be made a touch more glamorous than your normal office wear by adding some simple sparkle in the form of jewelry. Add your favorite necklace and pair of nice black pumps to create a look that will impress the entire office.


For the Gathering of Friends

When you’re getting together with your friends, it’s your time to shine! You don’t need to worry about what’s appropriate, so this is the perfect opportunity to add all your favorite accessories to showcase your personality. And if you really want to feel like your best and if glamour is your thing, don’t forget to play around with sparkly makeup to take your glam to the next level. If you want to try something new, YouTube is full of tutorials for endless ideas on holiday glam, like this sparkly look by Brittany Balyn.

OMG! Glitter Everything Makeup Tutorial | Brittany Balyn

The Family Dinner

Let’s be honest: whether you’re excited to spend time with your family or your family is an insane group of people you only see for obligatory holiday functions, you want to be comfortable with family. You’ll be stuffing your face till your tummy is swollen, and you might just be chasing kids around while they play with their brand new foam-bullet guns.

tall boots

Adding a blanket scarf for some comfortable warmth and tall boots with little to no heel will pull your outfit together to impress your relatives while leaving you free to move easily and eat all the food your heart could desire.

blanket scarf


So don’t worry about breaking the bank this holiday season, because you don’t need to purchase a completely new outfit for every occasion. You can pick one quality, flattering black base that you can transform for every event, and it’s something you’ll get a lot of wear out of long after the holidays have passed.


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