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So Innovative, So AvantGarde, So… Weird? How Fashion Week Becomes Your Closet

With the end of February we saw the close of Fashion Weeks across the world, and all I can say is “wow”. Either I’m becoming more predictable in my style, or high fashion is reaching new all levels of… quirky? I can’t say the fashions displayed by models for designers at fashion week aren’t beautiful or artistic, but come on. No one wears those styles on the street.

Fashion Week Avantgarde

But that’s the purpose of fashion week style, isn’t it? Runway looks might not be wearable, but they serve as the starting point and inspiration for every upcoming trend in the fashion world. Looks like the one shown here can be hard translate into street style for us laymen, and that’s why retailers offer us toned-down versions for our wearing pleasure.

How to Actually Wear Fashion Week

If you’re more of a classic dresser (J. Crew button downs and boot-cut jeans with practical shoes are your go-to), Fashion Week might not appeal to you in the slightest. Some of the trending colors and accessories might trickle down into your wardrobe without your knowing, but you couldn’t care less what Gigi Hadid wore in the Tommy show in Milan this season.

Fashion Week Jeremy Scott

But I know some of you are itching for the next trends. You saw the Jeremy Scott show, and you’ll never wear that geometric skirt, but maybe, just maybe, you can figure out some way to incorporate the stunning silhouettes and textures from his show into your Fall and Winter wardrobe this year without looking like a complete weirdo. And you can!

1. Mix Trends With Basics

Just because you can’t wear the crazy combinations seen on the runways of fashion week without turning heads in all the wrong ways doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate their inspiration into your daily wardrobe. All you have to do is mix some basic pieces with more eye-popping ones for a balanced effect. If you want to wear an oversized puffer coat, like this one from ASOS, you do you, boo!

Fashion Week AsosFashion Week Asos Puffer Coat

Just pair it with a classic combo like mid-toned denim with a white T.

2. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

If you don’t want to be basic, you want to stand out, jump on those accessories! Mixing patterns and silhouettes can be challenging, but if you really want to be different you can go as crazy as you want with your accessories while garnering as little judgment from onlookers as possible – and probably gaining some admiration along the way. You might not be able to mix neon boots with purple tights and a plaid skirt (unless you’re braver than I!), but go all out with a patterned purse a la Christian Dior at Paris Fashion Week.

Fashion Week Zara Purse

Or, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, hop on over to Zara’s purse selection online for some crazy-yet-gorgeous bags that will more than satisfy your craving for something extravagant and trendy.

3. And By All Means, Keep it Seasonally Appropriate

You can strike a perfect balance of trendy and occasion appropriate, but if you’re dressed out of season you’ll look out of place no matter how well you planned your ensemble. Because the end of winter/beginning of Spring ushers in the fashion week for the following fall and winter, it can be easy to get carried away with trends meant for an entirely different season. There might continue to be some cold weather after fashion week, but unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere and get to time fashion week to your own seasons, you might have to wait a bit to take full advantage of the trends to follow. Certain fall tones are best suited for October and November, but if you’re creative with your style you can find unique ways to incorporate trends into each season in ways that are more appropriate.

So if you’re like me – in love with the avant grade artistry of fashion week but hesitant to try pulling it off in real life – there’s no reason you can’t incorporate the trends you love into a well-balanced wardrobe of classics and seasonally appropriate attire. Just get creative and let your inner-fashionista do the talking!


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