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GoPro travel bag

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The weather is becoming nicer every day and that can only mean one thing; the summer holidays are almost there! I can’t wait to go to the beach, enjoying the sun and capture all those unforgettable moments. I’m a big fan of everything that includes photography and filming so it is no surprise I always take all my camera stuff with me on a holiday. Last year me and my boyfriend took our GoPro Hero with us to Curacao and noticed how we struggled with all the loose parts you need to take with you every time you go to the beach. In a few days we are leaving to Egypt for our holiday so I went online searching for a solution to keep our GoPro  and all the component parts save while traveling.


I have a really handy travel bag for my Canon camera, it has all kind of different boxes where you can put your stuff in. One for my camera itself, one for the lenses and some small boxes for all the little stuff like filters, battery and charger. This is a bag we need for our GoPro, but where can you find something like this? What do you do when you’re searching for something you have no idea where to buy it? That’s right, you go online shopping. I passed by a very cool gadget website on called FocalPrice. FocalPrice is a Chinese export site with over 70,000 items across almost 100 categories. You always pay the lowest price and all orders will be shipped for free.
So I went searching on their website for a travel bag for our GoPro Hero. It was very easy, I typed the words ‘GoPro’ and ‘Bag’ in their search bar and guess what, I had plenty of choice! We own a GoPro Hero 3 (black edition), so I had to look for a bag that’s suitable for our camera. It wasn’t that difficult because almost all the bags they sell are suitable for every kind of GoPro camera. I just picked out the cheapest one (because they all seemed the same to me) and placed my order.

I ordered the bag (and I did bought something else, but more about that later) the 18th of May. After only 13 days the travel bag arrived. That’s very fast if you ask me! The bag was neatly packed in air bubble plastic so it arrived unharmed. The bag looks just like the pictures on the website, it’s exactly the size I expected it to be, it’s all black and closes with a zipper.


The bag is so handy, it has all kind of different boxes, one for our camera, one for the remote-control and more. Each box has a different size, so you can fill them the way you want. The best part of the travel bag are the removable foam pieces. When you only take your camera with you, which ensures that you have empty spaces, you can fill those boxes with the appropriate foam part. There’s also a compartment on the other side of the bag where you can store all the small stuff.



I must say I’m very content about the travel bag. I can’t wait to use it at our holiday. Though I’m happy about this product, I’m not that satisfied about their service. I also ordered a clear glass screen protector for my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and I received a gold colour. I have an emerald green Samsung so a gold colour really doesn’t work for me. They didn’t believed me on my word so I had to send many photo’s; one of the screen protector, one of the GoPro bag and a copy of my order. After all my hard try they didn’t even send a new one, no they gave me a coupon. I wanted to use it for a new glass screen protector, but I have to buy something more value otherwise my coupon doesn’t work. I have to figure out what to order next, but I will keep you up-to-date by blogging about it.
I’m curious how you take your GoPro with you on a vacation! Let me know by leaving a comment.
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