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You may have seen all those photos of dirty body’s covered with coffee scrub using the hashtag #thefrankeffect on Instagram and Facebook and wondering what this is all about? Well I was wondering the same, so I’ve tested the original coffee scrub from Frank Body.
A little about Frank Body
Frank Body is a simple product with a simple strategy, to make women feel great about themselves. Frank about himself: I’m many a thing: mostly humble, always caffeinated, naturally derived; and 100% Australian owned and made. I started as a simple coffee scrub, equal parts dirty and loving. Now I’m a growing coffee-based skincare range, because I’ve always said I’ll love every inch of your bod.

‘’Did somebody order some coffee?’’ was the first thing I noticed when a colorful package was lying on my doormat.  We ordered the coffee scrub the 9th of February, and after just a week it arrived. The product was sealed in a plastic bag with all kind of information on it, like their social media accounts, the hashtag #thefrankeffect and an encouragement to recycle the bag to keep the earth clean. The outside had made me so curious, and I was eager to find out more, so I opened it as fast as I could! Inside the package I found the coffee scrub with a little card. The little card contains all kind of social media information but the coffee scrub package really got my attention. It is a cardboard bag with the ingredients on the outside. After opening the bag I found out it is reclosable, so you can keep the scrub save. But I was wondering how the cardboard stays dry while using it in the shower? But guess what, the bag is waterproof! It looks like Frank thought about everything.



The information on the bag says:  smell, don’t eat. So the first thing I did after opening the bag was smelling. And WOW, it really smells like coffee, but in a good way. I took a handful of scrub out of the bag and guess what, also the texture is the same like coffee. But it is not that surprising because half of the ingredients consists of coffee. I mixed it with a little water and I instantly understood the quote on the shipping bag: ‘’The only thing that should be dirty is you.’’ because you’re really getting dirty because of the brown water. The first time I used it in the shower I felt a bit weird, like I was literally scrubbing myself with coffee. But the results after… WOW again. I had such a smooth and moisturized skin, I didn’t even had to use body lotion anymore! The coffee scrub is not only good for a soft skin, but it also target cellulite, stretch marks, acne, psoriasis, eczema and scarring. All you have to do is rub 3-4 handfuls all over your body once a week, focusing on problem areas.

If you have skin problems or just like a good skin treatment, I can highly recommend the coffee scrub from Frank Body to anyone! For amazing results go to the feedback Instagram page @frankfeedback.
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