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Easy Money - Why Online Shopping in Europe gets more interesting for Non-Europeans!

 Easy Money - Why Online Shopping in Europe gets more interesting for Non-Europeans!  


Looking for that special pair of Italian shoes or maybe you're a big fan of Belgian chocolate? For non Europeans online shopping in Europe gets more interesting today! 

Because of the value of their united currency Euro went down, online shoppers from non-European countries can use this to save money on their online purchases. For example: If you bought some items online in Europe one year ago worth of 300 Euros of items you paid $420, today you would have paid $325 for the same items!

Most websites offer you the possibility to pay in your own currency, but the exchange rate makes it cheaper than it ever was before!

For you information, not all European countries use the Euro! When you like to shop online for items from the United Kingdom, Sweden or Switserland for example, you have to pay in their own currency (if their website does not have the possibility to pay in your own currency). But looking at the British Pound, it is hitting new lows which makes it also interesting to buy 'British'.

After leaving the European Union people in the UK can shop Tax Free in Europe and because of the historic low value of the GBP versus the USD it's even more interesting to shop at Harrods without an 8 hour flight! 

What about shipping costs, sales tax and custom duties? Depending on your domestic country you always have to do some calculation but it is still something to consider. 

Maybe shipping takes more time than you are used to but some things are just worth waiting for. 


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