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Drop necklace from River Island

Hi there!
The title of my blog says it all, today I will be talking about my new ‘’drop necklace’’. I’m a big Pretty Little Liars fan, and at their last season I couldn’t get my eyes off their perfect outfits, especially the jewelry they were wearing. They had these minimal tiny necklaces, the first one was almost a choker, the second one was just hanging in the middle, and the last one had something special. It was like a normal necklace but with an extra ‘’drop’’  attached to it. I found it so awesome I wanted one I could wear myself. So what do I do next? You guessed it right, I went shopping online and found the perfect drop necklace at River Island.
You will be wondering why I choose River Island when I was searching for a drop necklace. Well, I will tell you a little about their magic power;
I always stop at the shopping window when I walk by River Island. Their clothes are just amazing! It’s so different than other stores. They just always have this little thing that makes it a bit unusual which makes me even want it more. It is not that crazy that River Island is known for its stylish and affordable fashion and the unique touches they bring to their collections. Most customers, including me, love River Island for their great going-out looks, amazing denim and fabulous shoes and bags. River Island is the perfect place to pick up everything you could need to get a complete head-to-toe look, that’s why I searched their webshop for my precious drop necklace.


All right, I have to confess I didn’t just ordered only a necklace, I couldn’t resist to buy some other stuff as well (although  I was only looking for the drop necklace). That explains why the package is a little big for just one necklace (see pictures below). I also ordered a small gift box because I was curious how this would look like. It may become very handy when I buy someone a jewelry for their birthday for example. I received the package after 5 days which is equivalent to their delivery promises. The necklace was well packed; first I had to remove the plastic bubble wrap, second a plastic case and at last another plastic bag. You won’t hear me complain because I received the necklace unharmed.

The necklace

You probably already figured that the necklace isn’t real gold since I bought it at River Island. But is has a gold color and consist of 60% base metal, 10% glass and 30% zinc. As you can see there’s a round filigree disc in the middle. The chain itself doesn’t only consist out of normal chain links but has small rods that alternates the chain links. The ‘’drop’’ at the end is completely smooth and even reflects a bit.


The gift box

This was very easy to assemble by simply folding the ends together. In addition, there was black tissue paper in order to pack along with the chain.

Overall conclusion

I must say I didn’t had any idea what to expect when I ordered the necklace at River Island. At first because I never bought anything at River Island online and second because I never bought any jewelry at River Island. I always walk out with clothes or shoes but I had never tried any jewelry. I have to say I’m overall very content. I only paid $18 including the gift box and it is really worth it because the price quality ratio is simply good.
What do you think about this drop necklace trend? Leave a message below!
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