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DIY: At-home Coffee Station

I’ve always maintained that the home should be a reflection of the ones who live in it. That means that if you’re a caffeine-addicted coffee lover like me, you should seriously consider creating a shrine to your habit – an at-home coffee station which not only leaves every coffee-making supply directly accessible for all your many daily caffeine boosts, but also shows the world what your collection is made of. My initial vision consisted of a bar-cart that niftily held everything I could ever need in making a cup of joe, but alas. My kitchen is far too small.

Instead, I have a set of shelves in my kitchen area which happens to be perfectly shaped and sized for my coffee and coffee-brewing accessories. So, without further adieu, allow me to share with you how I executed the most fabulous DIY coffee station: a coffee addict’s dream.I may have taken months to realize the ideal utility of this space (I even thought it to be useless!), but it just goes to show that you can apply the concepts I’m about to share in the most unlikely areas of your home.

Step 1: Gather the Goods

You don’t need to be a coffee addict to build a coffee station. You might simply enjoy the comforting aesthetic it brings, or you might entertain often and covet a central location for warm bev’s at which your guests can fulfill their every need.

French Coffee Press

Regardless, there are certain supplies which will be required of you. In my own case, as a bit of a coffee snob, I always, always, always gravitate toward my French Press, so I haven’t bothered to include anything simpler or different. However, if you’re the hospitable sort and want to make your guests’ lives as simple as possible, I highly recommend a single-serve, automatic coffee maker like this Cuisinart from Crate and Barrel. It’s a far cry better than the instant brew of most single-cups, which will never please a coffee connoisseur, because it grinds the beans itself just before each single brew.



Loft Coffee CanisterYou also want to store your coffee by your maker, IF your goal is cohesion. And take my word for it: you don’t want to store your coffee in the bag, out in the open for your coffee-snob friends to see, if you’re making the effort to design a coffee station. They’ll already know that an opened coffee bag lets beans go staler than a six-week-old cupcake, and they’ll be much less inclined to respond, “yes, please!” when you offer to sit and chat over a cup. Instead, consider a made-for-coffee canister that speaks to your style, like this statement piece from Crate and Barrel.


Essential MugsThe only other necessity for your station is mugs! You can’t drink coffee without something to put it in. And this is where you can go wild. Find something that suits you. Your options are boundless, so if you’re a minimalist choose something like this simple, white set from Crate and Barrel. But if you’re more eclectic, maybe you should consider individual mugs that are as different as each side of your personality. I, for instance, have been collecting mugs for years and years, each one commemorating another experience or phase in my life.

Step 2: Pour Your Heart Into It, Like Coffee In A You-Sized Mug

Tea BoxUnless you avidly appreciate minimalism or have extremely limited space, why limit yourself to the necessities? Throw in whatever your heart desires! Extras like sugar, flavors, and hot teas mean you’ll be able to brew whatever it is you’re craving at the drop of a hat. Had too much caffeine? Grab an herbal tea instead! Want something dramatic? Throw in some spices for a treat. Crate and Barrel has accessories for every whim, like this hot tea storage box.


 But one of the most important things to remember is to throw your personality into it like never before. If you want your coffee station to be Pinterest-worthy, you’ll have to shine in more than just your coffee gear. You’ll have to get creative with extras that make your station pop. I chose to add a hanging terrarium, a “coffee bar” sign, and a framed issue of National Geographic on an appropriate topic. But to truly make it your own, you’ll have to choose items that speak right to you. And that’s where the real satisfaction lies, because then your station becomes all-yours and all-about-you.



By Jess Jordan

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