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Decking Your Doggo In Decadent Style

 Decking Your Doggo In Decadent Style

Because We Know Your Pup Deserves the Best

By Jess Jordan


If your dog is a woman’s man, man’s man, man about town, making all the kids stop in their tracks for kisses and the manliest men unable to resist a friendly ear-rub, it’s only natural you want him strolling in nothing but the best of the best. Whether his style is minimal and functional or dapper and to-the-nines, making sure your furry forever partner in crime never embarrasses himself by stepping out in anything but the finest fashions is a top priority, so when you’re ready to commit to finding a resource for all your pupper’s outfitting needs, it’s only natural you’re looking for help somewhere you can trust.

And I know exactly how it is, because I’ve been there. My dog would never be caught dead in anything less than the best, but my progression from simple new-dog owner with one plain collar and a basic leash to developing an obsession with your dog’s gear didn’t happen overnight, and I’m betting yours didn’t either. It probably happened about like this:

You bought one collar for your new dog. Something that matched your personality, but wasn’t too special. But then, as your bond with your dog grew and you began taking him on adventures, you realized how valuable a harness could be. Nothing fancy. Just something functional and practical. Before you knew it, you’d acquired several collars, several harnesses, and maybe even a shirt or two, or perhaps a bow-tie collar (just for kicks, of course).

But the truth is, you don’t buy these things for yourself. No, your dog is always happy to see you. You’re the whole world and the apple of his eye, and that’s why you want him to catch the attention of passers by in the best possible way. You want everyone to see with their own eyes exactly how wonderful your dog has been to you. You need an array of collars and harnesses, not only to suit his mood on your excursions and outings, but also to suit the activity and the season, and I’ve found the perfect place to get it all. Muttropolis has managed to amass a selection that has you covered on all fronts.


Simple Gear

Some dogs are better suited for fancy outfits, while others seem to prefer a more simplistic approach. Either way, having the proper gear for any outing is essential to your and your dog’s comfort.

beaded, leather collar

Sometimes a collar is all you need. Harnesses can be bulky when lounging at the house, but you always want something on your dog to hold his tags and identify him in case of a freak escape or accident. Something like this beaded, leather collar, fashioned of genuine leather and sturdy hardware, will last your dog many years and is adjustable to accommodate potential changes in size.


black, white, and red patterned harness

For excursions around town, it’s important to ensure your dog is comfortable, as a plain collar can lead to choking and is somewhat easier to escape than a harness if your pup isn’t yet perfectly trained. This black, white, and red patterned harnessis designed with simplicity in mind, and will leave your dog looking dapper in the process.


Taking it Up a Notch

When you’re ready to graduate from the simplest, most necessary gear and have a little fun with your dog’s attire, Muttropolis will have an array of styles so you know you’re covered no matter what you’re looking for.


pink bow-collar

If you’re ready to use your dog’s collar as a means of showing her personality, choosing a fabulous one like this pretty pink bow-collar is a wonderful first step.You don’t have to buy pretty tutus to don your pet’s beauty if it’s not something you’re comfortable with.


Faux Fur Hooded Dog Coat

You see, fashion can be functional, too! If you live in a cooler climate and own a dog who doesn’t possess the natural fur coat to handle extreme cold, it’s important to consider owning some gear to keep him warm when the weather becomes bitter. If you want to keep up the exercise through the winter months, it’s essential you help your fur-child maintain a healthy body temperature. Muttropolis has a huge selection of sweaters, dog booties, and jackets, like this brown winter coat.


Dressing your dog can be intimidating, but it can be fun, too. Choosing what’s best for you and your dog will never lead you wrong. So as you shop through Muttropolis’s selection, just let your unique relationship and lifestyle with your furry friend lead the way.



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