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Shoes, shoes and shoes. A woman can’t have enough of them, at least I can’t. But it doesn’t matter how many shoes I have, I always have one favorite pair I could wear every day. And there comes the moment I fear most… My favorite pair of brown ankle boots are worn out. So it was time for some online shopping. I received a newsletter from Bershka with an offer I couldn’t resist, shoes on sale! And there they were, the perfect fill-in for my favorite ankle boots.
Will these boots become my favorites pair of boots?

A little about Bershka

Bershka was created in 1998 as a new brand of the Spanish group Inditex, with a new retail format that responds to the demands of a sector of young people who are interested in and highly aware of new trends. Bershka presents itself as a reference point for fashion targeting this increasingly demanding public and, in just 2 years, has consolidated its brand image in 100 shops.

Why did I choose Bershka?

As I said earlier I received a newsletter from Bershka. It had me by the words ‘Shoes’ and ‘Sale’. When I go ‘offline’ shopping in my city I always visit Bershka, but I'd never ordered something online. So this was a good reason to try!


Through the newsletter I entered the shoes sale category on the website. Placing an order on a website is not a new thing for me, but when the site thinks I’m living in the UK it can be very difficult. After a while I realized I should change the country. Make sure you select your own country before placing an order!


Although there is a Bershka store like 20 km away from my home, my package came all the way from Barcelona. I ordered the shoes the 29th of March and received them three days later. When the package arrived here in the Netherlands I even got a call from the post office. The woman asked me if my address on the package was correct, just to make sure it will arrive. When the package came in I was a little shocked, it was so big. The cardboard box was in a clear plastic bag. After removing the plastic and opening the big box there was another cardboard box in it. It gave me a little matryoshka dolls feeling. Inside the little box where my shoes. You're probably wondering "why putting a box in another box?" Well, inside the big box there was, beside the shoebox, a plastic bag (for returning’s), my order details and a poster of some guy’s back… When I turned the poster around I saw the return information, explained in several languages.
Then this huge box arrived So what is inside the box?
Should i put this on my wall? Follow these instructions?


Ordering shoes online is not my favorite product to shop online, because you never know how the shoes will fit. And let's be honest, you can shorten your trousers, or roll up your sleeves , but on shoes there's nothing to change. In this case I knew I had to order size 37 (UK 4) because I always have this size at Bershka. Also I normally have size 37 (UK 4), so you can say that the Bershka shoes sizes match the standard sizes. And they fit perfectly! The shoes are 100% polyester and the sole is 100% rubber. Unfortunately it is not real leather or suede but that’s impossible for the price I paid.
Nicely wrapped shoes, almost a present! Here are my great new boots!

Overall conclusion

I was lucky that the shoes where on sale, I only paid €25,99 for the shoes and €3,95 shipping costs. The shoes are definitely worth it, they look great, fit great and walk great. They are perfect for a spring look with light blue jeans or even some shorts. But you can also wear them during autumn combined with warm colors.
What do you think of these boots? And have you ever ordered something at I am curious about your experience, so let me know!
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