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Books, music and movies, who doesn’t like one of those? My mum is a real book collector. She has so many books, my shoe collection can’t compete! She can never have enough books and she’s always looking for a new story to read. So she went online shopping on Shop Online and found the online marketplace for books, music and movies, named Alibris.
A little about Alibris
Alibris is the premiere marketplace for Books, Music and Movies. Since 1998, they have connected millions of buyers with thousands of Independent Sellers from across the world. In addition, they offer many other benefits such as a 100% satisfaction guarantee, affordable shipping, sales promotions, gift guides, personal recommendations, exclusive discount coupons and more!
My mum found the book she was looking for and ordered it the 7th of February. We had to be patient because the 5th of March, almost a month later, we received the package. It looked a little weird tough, the book was compressed between two cardboard sheets and it was all wrinkled. The outside lowered our expectation. We opened the cardboard package and found the book completely exposed without any extra protection.
Book package The book I received
The book is a secondhand book. When my mum ordered the book she was told that it was an heavily used copy with heavy page wear but fair good for reading. So she knew it in advanced but she was shocked when she saw the book. The pictures below say enough, right?
damaged book damaged book
In our case Alibris was only the intermediary. They offered the book (through another store), informed us about the shipping cost/time and the condition of the book. Overall we are very content about their service. Only the shipping package and the damage to the book were a disappointment, but that had nothing to do with Alibris.
So if you are looking for that one book, that special album of award winning movie, Alibris is your place to be.
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