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On Mother's Day we honour our mothers. Mother's Day is celebrated in most countries on the second Sunday in May, this year the 8th of May. England celebrates Mother the Sunday three weeks before Easter and in Spain it is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. It differs from country to country, but Mother's Day is in most countries in March, April or May.
At Mother's Day we spoil our mothers. Many mothers get a presents and breakfast in bed. On this day, the household will be taken over by the husband or the children.
But there’s that big question we have every year, what should I give my mother? Well, we made a list of great gifts you can shop online.

# 1

Coffee, coffee and coffee. I don’t know why, but every mother loves it (perhaps to stay awake in their busy lives). So let your mother start a day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. This  French press is made of high-quality enamelled stoneware for exceptional durability that stands up to everyday use and makes mornings more special.

Product: Le Creuset Single-Serve French Press $49.95
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# 2

Make this a memorable Mother's Day with these stylish and flattering earrings, the perfect accessory for the perfect women. You can never go wrong with diamonds because diamonds are a girl’s best friend!
Product: Crystal wreath earrings $88.00
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# 3

Mirror, mirror on the wall , who's the fairest of them all? Mothers are always on the road, so for today’s modern princess, there’s a gorgeous compact mirror, embellished with a silver scrolled overlay. Your mum will always look stunning, anytime and anywhere.
Product: Snow White Compact Mirror $32.00
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# 4

Socks as a gift for Mother’s Day? Yes! Because these socks make you happy and feeling you don’t want to wear shoes at all. Every time your mother looks down at her feet, there will be a smile on her face. And we like to see our mother’s happy right?
Product: Happy Socks Mini Diamond Crew Socks $ 12.00
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# 5

And last but not least, a Beauty box! Mums love beauty products, but do they have time to buy anything nice for them self? Or try something different? No! So here’s a gift that’s easy for you and your mother. Each month your mother will receive a box packed full of beauty products with a guaranteed worth of over £50. These products are carefully selected by an expert beauty team. From cult classics to completely new brands you have not heard of before. You can choose from a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscription all with free delivery!
Product: Beauty box from $ 19.50
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I hope you have a nice Mother's Day. And let me know what you've bought by leaving a comment below!
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