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We’ve assembled our favorite gifts for all types, from plant lovers to whiskey drinkers. Intrigued? Go ahead… have a look.


A DIY terrarium kit so they can grow a tiny, contained garden.


Green-thumbed amigos will love this terrarium kit, which includes everything you need to craft your own, from reindeer moss to tiny bunnies.

The Lucky Gardener DIY Terrarium Kit – $85


A cool rocks glass with a mold that makes ice just right.

For the whiskey fiend, this cleverly crafted mold creates an icy slope that keeps spirits cool without watering them down.

Whiskey Wedge and Glass – $17.95


This handmade art print they’ll “LOVE.”

Show your L-O-V-E openly with this handmade transfer print.

Remember to Love Transfer Print – $50


A mini version of a backyard classic: Tabletop Cornhole.

Behold! Tiny bean bags and tabletop launcher–so you and your bestie can play cornhole in the house without fear of beaning a window.

Tabletop Cornhole – $45


Glasses that make Bloody Marys easy. 

Calling all brunch fans! These pint glasses are decorated with the makeup of everyone’s favorite tomato-based beverage, the Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary Diagram Glassware – Set of 2 – $25


A lamp that looks like a plant.

Alternatively, this impossible-to-kill acrylic greenery doubles as a lamp—ideal for those more interested in glowing than growing.

Let It Glow Lamp – $89


A United States-shaped bottle cap display.

Road-tripping lovers of flights and craft brews can track their cross-country tastings with this birch wood map.

Beer Cap Map USA – $35


A steam-punk contraption that grinds coffee.

This coffee grinder requires little more than elbow grease to get the party started. The caffeine-fueled, Victorian-inspired party, that is.

Steampunk Coffee Grinder – $65


This wireless speaker with a retro feel.

No record player? No problem. This made-to-order speaker turns cast-off LPs into statement pieces that still play music.

Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker – $225-275


A classy carafe that lets wine breathe.

Ahh, vino. Go beyond the confines of your favorite bottle with this carafe that promotes aeration and keeps the good stuff from oxidizing.

Oval Oak Wine Carafe – $36


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