The French House Abeille Glassware

Abeille is French for bee and so this best-selling line of pressed glass from France has the classic Napoleonic bee pattern. This glassware is extra sturdy and is brilliant for everyday use.

The French House

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Abeille Carafe Abeille Glass Jug

Abeille Carafe

The carafe matches the wine and water glasses.

Abeille Glass Jug

This chunky glassware is very sturdy and is ideal for everyday use.

Abeille Goblet Abeille Water Glass
Abeille Goblet
Set of 6
The perfect everyday glass. 
Abeille Water Glass
Set of 6
Water glass or long drink glass. 
Abeille Wine Glass
Our new glasses :) Whimsy will always be "in".
Abeille Wine Glass
Set of 6
A perfect everyday wine glass. 
Abeille Glassware

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