Scandinavian Design Center Party Table Setting

Create the perfect table setting with Scandinavian-style porcelain, glass, cutlery and more. Here you will find the perfect details for both big and small occasions!


Raw cutlery set 16 pcs

79,31 €


Essence red wine glass 4-pack

64,06 €


Mano jug

39,66 €

Raw cutlery set 16 pcs

Set the table for a special occasion with the Raw cutlery set by the Danish brand Aida. The cutlery was designed in collaboration with the designer Christiane Schaumburg-Müller and adds a special touch to any table setting. The cutlery comes in a set of 16 pcs and is available with as stainless steel or with gold-plating.


Essence red wine glass 4-pack

Essence – designed by Alfredo Häberli in 2001 – is a glass that express a remarkable sense of balance. Sensually pleasing to grasp and handle, Essence makes fine wines even more enjoyable.


The lovely Mano jug comes from the Danish brand Kähler and is designed by Jeanette List Amstrup. The jug has a beautiful design with its characteristic sweepy shape and comes in different colors. Use the jug for water or other types of beverages and combine it with matching pieces from the Mano collection to create a personal and colorful table setting.

 Alfredo pepper mill oak large

115,92 €


 Sunshine tablecloth natural

156,59 €


 Sunshine napkin 4-pack

44,74 €

Alfredo pepper mill from Georg Jensen creates a smooth dynamic in your kitchen with its wavy shape. The pepper mill is designed by Alfredo Häberi, is made of oak and has a high qualitative ceramic CrushGrind mechanism. The shape of this product is designed to fit your hands in a comfortable way and the elegant appearance makes it possible to work as decoration on the dining table when it is not used.


Give your kitchen a lively and homely feel with the beautiful Sunshine woven tablecloth from Himla. The tablecloth is made of pure linen with a soft beige color that is easy to mix and match with other shades. The tablecloth fits both casual and festive occasions and can be combined with other fine pieces from the Sunshine collection! Choose between different sizes.


Sunshine napkin 4-pack

Set the table with the lovely Sunshine napkin from the Swedish brand Himla. The napkin is made of pure woven linen and has a casual and a slightly wrinkled look. Combine the napkin with fine china and cutlery to create an elegant touch! Choose between different colors.

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