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Inspire a child with our Star Egg Nightlight. We also have Porcelana Uplights, Kuni Juu Table Lamps, and Cilindro Pendants.

J Schatz

Lie in bed and gaze at a ceiling full of stars with the Star Egg Nightlight. Light projected through tiny openings on the stoneware egg's surface creates a dream-like environment that is perfect for bedtime (children and adults alike). Available in seven glossy colors with a stainless steel nightlight base.

Star Egg Nightlights  $ 165

Desk Lamp A17-1 Detail 1

Our desire to create a "found" object led us to create the A17-1 Desk Lamp.  This challenging form required years of fine-tuning the casting process until finally, it emerged as if from an architectural ruin. We finished the lamp in our metallic lava glaze and fitted it for the 21st century with an LED bulb.  The A17-1 Desk Lamp is your own personal monolith, a strong presence on your desk, shelf, or table.

Desk Lamp A17-1  $ 225

J Schatz Kuni Juu Table Lamps

That's Swahili for wood top. Inspired by a rhythm that is both syncopated and soothing, our speckled stoneware table lamp is capped by a hand-spun alder form that is finished in a natural protective oil. Available in three sizes, seven transparent glossy colors, and matte metallic black.

Kuni Juu Table Lamps  $ 325 

Glossy ceramic Cilindro Pendants are created with a random assortment of holes that emit playful fragments of light from the side and a direct downward light from an elegantly curved bottom. Available in seven bright colors.

Cilindro Pendants  $ 300
Orange Peel and Pink Porcelana Uplights

Translucent Porcelana Uplights are cut at an angle to create a dramatic light display. In addition to setting a mood they are also a perfect nightlight. Leave them on all night and enter a room without switching on an overhead light. Each lamp has a glossy interior finish with a raw, unglazed exterior complete with a 50,000 hour led lamp inside. Available in two different interior colors: orange peel, and pink.

Porcelana Uplights  $ 165 

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