House of Fraser New Homeware Brands

Introducing: new homeware brands at House of Fraser including Abahna, Newgate Clocks and more.

Introducing the new home brands we’re getting seriously excited about. From all things artisanal to the best of British design, here’s our hit list of who’s new at House of Fraser.






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Shop Newgate Clocks


Shop Newgate Wall Clock

Shop Newgate Clocks


Shop Newgate Alarm Clock

Shop Newgate Clocks


Shop Bellora


Shop Bellora

Shop Bellora Duvet Cover


Shop Bellora

Shop Bellora Pillowcase


Shop Dassie Artisan Homeware


Shop Dassie Artisan Rice Bowl



Shop Dassie Artisan Ridged Mug

Shop Dassie Artisan


Shop Abahna



Shop Abahna Flowers And Water Candle Tin


Shop Abahna

Shop Abahna Grapefruit And Diffuser Set


Our Best New Brands


White and Green Brand

Cornishware Brand

CamelBak brand


Portmeirion Brand

Sandy Bay Brand

Vintage Playing Cards Brand


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