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We love large cushions on the floor. Try our big linen cushions by bed and philosophy of 80 x80cm available in lots of colours.


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Linen cushions by Maison Lévy. As always we love the unique touch of this french brand. On the left, detail taken from a painting by Haby Bonomo. This way >



Cacti ! Beautiful handpainted vintage porcelain plates by Yato. They will look amazing on the wall or use them as part of your tableware. Uniques pieces ! 70€ each or 255€ for the four. This way >




Mechant Studio makes us look forward to sunny days with her pretty, new and fresh everyday jewelry... Necklace  36€. Bracelet 23€.  and there are a lot more... This way >






Linen pouch by Maison Lévy. Two different sides, both taken from details of paintings by Haby Bonomo. 38€. This way >




Short kimono bath robe in pure light linen. Wear it inside or at the beach...11 colours by Bed and Philosophy. 125€. This way >





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