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Book bucket list, new releases & bookish goodness. Book of the Week: Ragdoll. Already translated into over 30 languages, Ragdoll by Daniel Cole is a gripping cat-and-mouse thriller with twists and turns you won't see coming.

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Welcome! We'll be highlighting some of our favourites from the week, new releases, old classics from our book bucket list and plenty of other bookish goodness. 

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Book of the Week: Ragdoll


Already translated into over 30 languages, Ragdoll by Daniel Cole is a gripping cat-and-mouse thriller with twists and turns you won't see coming.


"the best debut I've ever read" Rachel Abbott

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Staff Pick: Linger


"I loved the first book and this one brings us two new characters. It feels good to see the story from their point of view, to see what happens outside of Grace and Sam's love story."

- Vanessa, Customer Service Advisor

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Review of The Nix


This new novel by American author Nathan Hill is a sweeping epic which spans fifty years. A warm, funny and engrossing tale of estranged families and friends, secrets histories and hidden lives.

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Book Bucket List


Annie Proulx's highly acclaimed, international bestseller and Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. Quoyle is a hapless, hopeless hack journalist living and working in New York. When his no-good wife is killed in a spectacular road accident, Quoyle heads for the land of his forefathers - the remotest corner of far-flung Newfoundland.

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New and noteworthy this week

Mussolini's Island
Norse Mythology
Wing Jones
The House at Bishopsgate

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